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Citrus Fruits


Check out some of Casey's awesome writing!!


He would really like it (and so would I)

Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin

Text by Casey

(not the music. That's Albonini.)

Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin

Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin

Lyrics by Marella Martin Koch

Produced by Rocket Chair Media. Music by Casey*

*Not to mention vocals by 

Gwynne Richmond and

violin by Katherine Liccardo

"...A uniqueness of style...a strong undergirding of libido" - Kate Fadner

"What on earth is that supposed to mean?" - Casey O'Neil


Hey, I'm a Bio! Let me tell you all about Casey!

He's just swell. Why? Because he made me, of course. He makes lots of things. Music, songs, plays, film scores, musicals, wood carvings, you name it!

How--you might ask--can he do oh so many things? (an astute question, my friend!) Music and musicals are easily explained, as he has a Bachelors of Music from the Eastman School of Music (Trombone), and a Masters of Fine Arts from NYU in Musical Theatre Writing. It may also be worth mentioning he attended the Juilliard Pre-College.


As to the wood carvings: Harder to explain.


I'm often asked "Where's the coolest place Casey's work has been done?". And you know what, I can never decide if it's Off-Broadway (The Great Cat Massacre*. Yes, that really is the title), or in Lauren Flanigan's living room (The Bone Keepers. It's an Opera!), or Canada (it was below freezing all winter). Of course there was the time the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra performed a symphonic work of his, or the time he scored a spy feature (The Essentials!), or when his musical Danny & The Rocket ** was at the Pocono Mountain Musical Festival. And, as a biography, I'm compelled to tell you that his play Marcus & Patty at the End of the World was a Semi-Finalist in the 2023 Screencraft Stageplay competition. Nor should I leave out that he's the Executive Director and Co-Founder of a theatrical development company called Back Table ink. (it's an inside joke, I think.)

I'm not supposed to tell, but he's got a couple show's he's working on, like The Aviatrix (with Lily Dwoskin) and Witch Hunt (with Ashley Griffin).


What else does Casey do?

Casey served as an administrator at NYU Tisch’s New Studio on Broadway from 2015 to 2021, and is currently the Academic Operations Manager at Syracuse Drama's Tepper Semester.

And, when he's not busy working, or woodcarving, or running after his toddler, he's cooking. Always cooking˚. No time for me these days. I used to be his whole life. Now look at me. Stuck on this page. Waiting to be updated...


*Written with Greg Moss

**Written with Marella Martin Koch

˚That's not fair. I also sleep


Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin


*I told him he needed better pictures. he said these were fine.



Isn't she



Production Images



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